Replace Grocery Store Wines

“Why in the world do we need another wine club? I can get wine for, like $8 per bottle! “

If you share that sentiment, Cork and Cap is not for you.

On the other hand, if you're looking for "more than liquid" with your wine selection, welcome home.

Cork and cap club was created not to become the next massive wine club but a shout out to vintners and brewers that are willing to take risks and not sell out to become "big".

The Low Down

Wine and beer manufacturers have a choice; make what will please the masses and do everything based on profit. Or, boldly go where few have gone before, make a great product that they love. and say: "to heck with everyone else."

No skipping steps or shortcuts, additives or tricks, just responsibly made, great wine or beer.

That’s why we like to highlight the vintner or brewer as much as the product itself. These are the heroes of the industry and you can taste the tenderness of care in each sip.

Save Money, and Get Better Liquid!

Sign up for a custom monthly subscription tailored to your taste or a quarterly subscription of our favorite picks to help expand your palate. 

Sound Good?

Support a small and local business and experience wine and beer made with love by joining our club or shopping at our store.


As an introductory offer new Club members receive a club lifetime 5% off anything they buy at the store. So you can taste unique wines from around the world and then stock your cellar with your favorites at a discount.

Stay crafty,

The C&C Team.

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  • Austin Rodgers

    We need more of this!

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