Creative Anniversary Presents for Her

You know you need to get her a gift.

But she wants more than "Things" (but still wants "things") 

This list checks all the boxes:

  • Gifts that you can personalize to show you care (not engraving - this isn't for your mom) 
  • "Wine" themed to show the thought you put into it - and also, because she likes wine, right?
  • You procrastinator you. All of these products can ship fast. Oh and it's all free shipping

Scavenger hunt

Place a note on the door with a clue to find her first present. Each present has a clue to where the next present is. The last present is you. Get creative, for example; "lets spice things up" (gift is in spice rack). Here are some great smaller gifts she'll love

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Favor Coasters

Wine Gift coaster

Give her 2-3 specialized coasters that she can use as a favor whenever she wants. A massage, weekend getaway,  a house cleaning, breakfast in bed - it's her call. Once she's played the "favor" coaster card - use it as a coaster so she'll remember the gift for years to come.

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Wine Box Letter

Splurge on a nice bottle of wine but don’t just give it to her. Check out this nice wooden box you can write on with a sharpie. Write a short note or story on the box that you can keep forever.

Bonus Points: get a bottle that ages well and write on the box "To be opened when ___"  ( you meet some goal or another milestone anniversary!

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Mega Pint or Cork Memory Stash

You heard me.

Save a few corks and write the date of some good time or life event and throw them in this cork holder. Over time you'll have a bunch of memories she'll love to look at.


She gets a selfie-worthy glass and you don’t have to get up 4 times to refill it. This is a win-win. 

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Surprise her with a old world wine box filled with gear to go on an adventure picnic. Take her to a local park, your backyard or a great way to surprise her with a trip

Bonus points write a little love note on the chalk cheese board.

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 Wine Rack

Give her easy access to her favorite wines with a wine rack and glass holder.

Bonus points if you have it hanging when she gets home with other gifts and her favorite wines. 

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 Wine Subscription

The gift that keeps giving. Sign her up for an ongoing shipment of new and exciting wines from around the world.

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