Who We Are

And What We Do

Cork & Cap M.O.

Our wines are hand-picked from small batch vintners who are passionate about wine and willing to take risks without selling out to what’s popular.

That’s just the first step, then a group of friends and Neighbor's, (I.e. real people) do a blind taste test.

Only about 2% of the spread makes it to the club and then your table, so you can be confident our beer and wine selections will be a crowd pleas-er. 

So you won’t find these at the grocery store, which ads to the clubs exclusivity and gives you a unique bottle and story to share with friends. 

 Socially curated

We feel each person's taste are unique, and what you drink, shouldn’t be dictated by the opinions of the few.

Each club member is encouraged to provide their own two cents on each wine and presto: now you can pick out wines based on an ever-growing community of real people's tastes.

Based out of

Destin & 30a Florida

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