Black Cottage

Black Cottage Pinot Rosé, Marlborough, New Zealand

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  Black Cottage Rosé was inspired by David’s long stint work-ing in Corsica and the South of France crafting fresh, crisp, dry, salmon pink rosé. Provence in color, with a slight copper hue, this is an attractive fresh and stylish New Zealand Rosé, full of crushed strawberries, orange blossom, and honey dew with impressions of a sea breeze. Elegant and well-balanced, this wine shows undertones of tangelo, oyster shell, subtle spice, and macadamia notes with a dry finish and a pinch of salt. 


100% Pinot Noir


Clay and loam with essential diurnal temperatures for bright fruit character.


Winemaker: David Clouston & Sanna Sander

Treated very much as a white wine in the cellar and picked at low brix (less sugar ripeness to retain acidity), this wine had the added benefit of 8 weeks on light yeast lees, increasing the texture and mineral notes essential for a world-class Rosé. 


5000 cases


The variety is Pinot Noir, but the style of Rosé can be often-times oversimplified. Rosés are red grapes treated like white wine, which means they are picked earlier in the season for freshness and acidity and they are delicately pressed to mini-mize the color extracted from the red grape skins. Pink wine has a variegated flavor wheel depending on which red grapes are used and how early they are picked. Of course, the general rule of terroir also plays a significant role in the outcome as well. Here you will find a wine of distinction in both sense of place and varietal.


Rosé is often times thought of a summertime porch-pound-er, a quaffable beverage consumed poolside or on the boat. But a rosé with structure and presence can be one of the most food-friendly wines on the planet. Great with any seafood from raw oysters to baked cod, this wine is perfect for what’s on the grill, from fresh summer green vegetables to hamburgers seasoned with Mediterranean herbs. Perfect for that dinner party, potluck, or picnic when you don’t have too many details beforehand.