BorgosanDaniele Pinot Grigio, Isonzo del Friuli DOC, Italy

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   This is no ordinary Pinot Grigio. This is craftmanship at its finest with the purist of ingredients; organic/biodynamic grapes, wild yeast, and a minimal amount of sulfur to protect the wine in bottle. What you are presented with is layered and textured, aromas full of white flowers, orchard fruits, and a touch of citrus. The combination of steel and large barrel allow for both freshness and depth, and the time on the skins, and lees, adds a little bit of phenolic tension making this a Pinot Grigio ideal for wine lovers.
   There are many simple expressions of the Pinot Grigio grape in the market today. If you would compare the average Pinot Grigio to a forgettable pop song on the radio, This Pinot Grigio from BorgosanDaniele is a symphonic masterpiece! It is the attention to detail that really brings out the best in this familiar grape variety.


100% Pinot Grigio


From a single vineyard in Cormons on soils of clay, silt and gravel, with the famous Ponca (ancient sea bed) soils commonly found in the Collio. Planted in 1974, practicing organic and bio-dynamic farming since 1990. 


Winemaker: Mauro & Alessandra Mauri 

Harvest is conducted on a ‘fruit day’ according to the biodynamic calendar. There are two harvests, the first goes into stainless steel tanks and the smaller, later harvest, into old Slavonian oak. The wine undergoes 20 hours with the skins with native yeast fermentation, a minimum of 6 months on the lees, and bottled without filtration. Bottling happens at the end of summer before the next harvest and allowed to rest until all the flavors have evolved fully.


1000 cases


  Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular white grapes. It also happens to be one of the darkest-skinned grapes used to make white wines. The name ‘Grigio’ means grey and is a reference to the dark skin color. A mutation of Pinot Noir, this grape has noble status in Alsace, France, where the best producers demand high prices. Most of the Pinot Grigio in Italy is mass produced and made for the American market. Not so with the great white wines of Friuli. In Friuli, the most important wines are white wines and it is part of the identity and culture of the region to make complex, powerful white wines that rival the finest in the world. 


A great table wine ideal for seafood and white meats like chicken. The texture and fruit make it perfect for cooked green vegetables like broccoli, green beans or spinach. A classic table wine with good fruit and without extremes, it goes with just about anything.