Demarie Arneis Langhe DOC

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Producer: Demarie

Region: Piedmont

Winemaker: Paolo & Aldo Demarie 

Winemaking: Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats.

Appellation: Langhe DOC

Grape Variety: 100% Arneis

Production: 1250 cases


   In the glass Arneis is brilliant, sunny, bright with shades of straw yellow and green reflections. The aroma is full and well-established with hints of peach and apricot, wild broom and camomile. The flavors are well-balanced, fresh and persistent.

Food Pairing

   Careful not to over chill or you overshadow the wine’s character -- serve between 46-50 degrees F. Excellent as an aperitif, it is perfect with hors d’oeuvres, light, vegetable first courses. Ideal also with fish or poultry. This wine lends elegance to  simple herbed and roasted chicken.

Varietal Notes

   In traditional local culture, the name Arneis is given to some-one who is an extrovert, a bit of a rebel, original but with a certain charm. This fine white wine from the Roero hills shows all the excellent qualities of its name.
   The sandy terroir provides this wine with a full intense aroma, and the limestone and clay, its strong body and structure. One of the great white wines of Piedmont, Arneis is the result of a lucky rediscovery, due to the intuition, headstrong passion, and the business capacity of the winegrowers of the Roero region. Within a very short time, this authentic champion of local wine-making has made itself a name in the list of international quality wines.