Gift of 12 Bottles of Beer

Regular price $200.00

Pay for the first order and kick start membership for a friend or loved one. They can then decide if they want to stop or keep the membership going.

No mass-produced wine or beer here! 

Small batch (less than 5000 barrels, but some much smaller) wine from around the world. Handpicked by other members from local vintners and brewers who are passionate about their craft and willing to take risks without selling out to what's popular or taking short cuts to sell to the masses. Join the club and help shape future shipments.

Each shipment includes tasting notes and the story of that bottle to create a truly unique experience. Not to mention an extra gift we think you may like :) 

Please note:

  • You will be charged when you complete this order regardless of the club ship out date. Then re-charged every 3 months from your first charge date until you cancel or change your order. 
  • Club ship dates are early November, early February, early May, end of August.
  • Local delivery is free from Destin to Panama City beach.