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Nine Oaks Saperavi, Kakheti, Republic of Georgia

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  With a complicated history between Georgia and Russia, Western trade and influence has been minimal in this part of the world until recently. Among the exports the Republic of Georgia offers the world is its unique and ancient wine making practices and equally unique indigenous grapes.
   These wines are natural in the most compelling way with all hand-harvested fruit, farmed organically (certification to come), native yeast fermentation, and without filtering.
   Deep purple in color, this wine is full-bodied with dense flavors of black cherry and plum. The iron rich soils impart a sa-vory quality of olives, red meat, and pepper with big yet relaxed tannins and a long satisfying finish that will evolve beautifully after opening.


100% Saperavi


Mineral rich and rocky hummus carbonate black and brown soil. 1300-1450 feet above sea level. In the middle of the Alazani Valley and between 3 rivers. Harvest and bottling by lunar cycle.


Winemaker: Mamuka Khurtsidze

Spontaneous native yeast fermentation with 4 weeks of maceration, aged in steel tanks for one up to year. Minimal sulfites added.


12,000 Bottles


   Saperavi is a teinturier red grape variety, which means it has not only a red skin but also red pulp and flesh inside the grape (the majority of red grapes have clear juice and white pulp inside). This red flesh imparts more color and weight to both the look and feel of the wine.
   Saperavi originated in this region of Kakheti and is now grown throughout Georgia and Russia, and around the Finger Lakes here in the U.S. as well. It is a hearty grape that can withstand the cold mountainous regions of Kakheti and is considered their most important red grape variety.


The Saperavi grape is sure to please the American wine drinker, pairing well with hearty dishes like roasted meats, wild game, spicy stews, and hard or aged cheeses.