Sangiovese Toscana

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Producer: Zingara

Region: Tuscany

Winemaker: Mario Ercolino

Available Sizes: 750ml

Appellation: Toscana IGT

Grape Variety: 100% Sangiovese


Sangiovese is the workforce of classical Tuscan winemaking – and is the most widely planted grape in Italy. Most Americans of a certain age first experienced Sangiovese as the basis for Chianti; modern wine drinkers know the grape as a stand-alone varietal that is ripe with Tuscan sunshine and representative of a true taste of Italy. The grape’s history reaches into the 16th century. Its wide-spread popularity stems from its ability to adapt to a variety of vineyard conditions. Despite its early bud and slow ripening, the grapes thrive in hot weather and soils rich with limestone. Its favored terroir contributes to the grapes character of rich fruit and lingering aromas. Zingara Sangiovese is a full-bodied, fruit forward style with an excellent balance of acidity and refined tannins.

Food Pairing

The Zingara style of Sangiovese sits aside roasted meats, cured sausages and hard cheeses. When choosing vegetable dishes look for recipes rich with butter or olive oil to help cut the wine’s tannins.

Varietal Notes

Sangiovese and its many clones are recommended varietals in more than 53 Italian provinces. It is known to produce wines with high acidity and high tannins that often display flavors of dark cherries, plum, dried herbs and spice.